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HP SmartFriend Windows 8 Quick Start


HP SmartFriend Quick Start tutorial is your one-stop shop for all things Windows 8. Let an HP expert quickly get you up-to-speed and train you on the important user interface changes and provide other helpful hints in a 45-minute tutorial1.

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Ensure proper PC configuration to optimize usage for:

  • New account creation (local or cloud).
  • Logging in with Windows 8.
  • Domain set-up.
  • Connection to a home network.

During your support session, an HP technician will provide training on:

  • Legacy desktop usage and new user interface configurations using tiles.
  • New "charms" – what they are and how to use them.
  • Starting the PC, searching, and browsing the desktop with Internet Explorer 10.
  • Shut down, sleep, and hibernation modes.
  • Switching between applications.
  • Browsing with Internet Explorer 10 or suggesting alternative browser options.
  • How to download free and fee-based software from Microsoft Store.
  • HP Support Assistant, and how to use it.
  • Using the HP tile "Getting Started with Windows 8 App".

Customize your PC by:

  • Personalizing the default background.
  • Configuring and changing settings.
Windows 8
Do you need on-going support?

Our HP SmartFriend Complete Plan offers over-the-phone 24/7 support wherever you are1. You will also have access to an HP technician for login to your PC for problem resolution, all for only $14.99/ month.

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1 HP SmartFriend supports any major brand of computer and tablet running Microsoft Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.
24 x 7 support is available in the US only. Service availability varies by country/region. Internet connection required for remote support.
Remote support not available for tablets. Not all service plans cover support for tablets.